Polson Iron WorksHercules Tug

R.W. Rick Redmond, the son of the Hercules' Fireman Rick Redmond, is building large scale models of the Tug Hercules, the PWD-117 and 2 of the scows. If any one has colour pictures of them, or additional details, Rick would be most appreciative in hearing from you; rick.redmond@telus.net.
Our thanks to R.W. Rick Redmond for the narrative and photos, below.

Hercules, the tug:

"The sea trials picture, to the best of my knowledge, is of the original trials in 1906. The Herc had extensive modifictions in 1909/1910 and this picture is before the modifications."

Three crew members. Photo taken about July, 1950.
Rick Redmond, a Fireman on the tug. Photo taken about 1953.

"Hercules Ashore – I have been told the photo was taken in 1964 on the St. Lawrence area, Gaspé, Quebec.

The Herc was last owned by Verreault Navigation. They confirmed she was scrapped about 1970. They have also said they have no files, drawings nor memorabilia from her. That is a shame."
Photos and commentary courtesy of R.W. Rick Redmond, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, rick.redmond@telus.net